Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Diwali –the festival of lights ;India’s very own Son et Lumiere

Diwali –the festival of lights

Come September, and India shifts gears and gets into mode for the biggest, brightest, loudest and longest bash of the year. It goes on for five fun filled days with loads of Diwali gifts , Diwali sweets and how can one forget- Diwali crackers. For the kids Diwali time, better known as diwali holiday is that fun filled time of the year when you get special diwali clothes, diwali gifts from elders, and loads of diwali sweets, prepared from special diwali recipes.

Diwali or Deepavali the most important of the Indian festivals has become synonymous with light and knowledge. Diwali celebrations go on for a period of five days commemorating various momentous events associated with the Hindu calendar. It also marks the Hindu New Year, and is generally a time of unbridled festiveness and merry making. So how do the Hindus celebrate diwali?

For five days the country is bedecked and bejeweled with diwali lights of all kinds, there are the ethnic Deepavali diyas also called as deeps or diwali diyas. The nation wears a carnivalesque look, witnessing massive diwali shopping sprees and almost every store worth its salt hosting Diwali Mela Sales. Its also the time of the year when thanks are given , goddesses and gods propitiated, various rituals observed to ensure year long prosperity and good fortune and also a time for rounding off the old year and ringing in the new one with prayers , diwali poojas, gifts , sweets and diwali crackers. On television Deepavali festival is showcased through programs that demonstrate diwali designs, diwali food, and diwali recipes.

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